Friday, August 09, 2013

Kool funky Friday

Kool and the gang are celebrating their 49th year entertaining. The group is in town this weekend, and an article in our local paper by columnist Doug Elfman discussed the group and how they recently were the opening act for both Van Halen and Kid Rock. They started out with jazz, moved to funk, but I remember when they were big for Disco. You can still sit in your seat at work and bounce to the music.

Especially the ladies

Or Jungle Boogie on the Midnight Special – (any old farts remember watching the latest music on that show?)

Disco? That’s funkie!
But when I think funk I always remember this commercial


PerthDailyPhoto said...

Sorry Joe, I have heard of them but I don't think they were all that well known here in Oz.

Anonymous said...

Hello cher Joe !
MERCI pour ces musiques que j'aime beaucoup !
Je t'embrasse bien fort
Bonne journée à toi !

Anonymous said...

Un petit bonjour en ce lundi matin !!!
Bises d'Asie et amicales pensées pour toi Joe.

Blond Duck said...

How fun!

Anonymous said...

Un petit bonjour chez toi :o)
Je t'envoie de GROSSES BISES d'Asie
Passe une agréable journée Joe !!!