Friday, December 09, 2011

weekend events and E

A new restaurant is opening at the Excalibur – a BBQ joint partially owned by Lynard Skynard. Yes, these guys

Older versions of those guys of course. If you show up tomorrow for the grand opening they will be putting on an acoustic performance inside to kick the place off. I like that song, but most people would list this one as the band’s most played, so I’ll include it.

Other events this week include the ongoing Grand Finals Rodeo, directed at that audience are performances by Dwight Yoakam, Charlie Daniels, Tanya Tucker, Merle Haggard and more, for other directions there are Jay Z & Kanye at the MGM, Jane’s Addiction, Andrea Bocelli, Ron White, Bill Engvall, Jenny McCarthy, Skrillex and a lot more scattered around town.

But on Fridays I usually post photos of my granddaughter E, so here are a few from back when she had more hair:
She still likes to read

And drive

And eat cereal for breakfast (she goes along with Grammie for Honey Nut Cheerios)


Stephen Hayes said...

So cute. I had no idea you were a grandpa. Congratulations!

Froggy said...

thanks for the E pics. She's so lovely. Will she get to see a white Christmas?

SOL's view said...

I love the E pics!

The music set for the week is certainly diverse.

And you know, every time someone mentions Lynyrd Skynyrd, I automatically think Sweet Home Alabama. Probably cause it was a popular karaoke song way back when...