Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Almost Christmas, and Vegas is well decorated. All of the casinos have some form of generic holiday stuff up – usually trees and lights. We’ll go wander the Strip later in the week and take lots of photos so you can all share.
In competition with the Santa race earlier in the month there was also the Rock ‘n’ Roll Vegas Stiletto Dash at the Palazzo, where young women dressed in short skirts and very high heels (minimum three inches) ran across the casino floor. Not to be sexist, there was a separate run for men in heels (no word on short skirts there). Over at the Bellagio there was the Downy Unstoppable Scavenger Hunt with a $20,000 first prize. Downtown at the Beauty Bar was the Freakshow Wrestling, one of the main events was a guy in a banana outfit wrestling a big, pink furry Elvis. (Hey, it’s Vegas). On the other side, Catholic Charities ran a ‘Phone Home’ event, with free phone calls for the homeless with clothing and toiletries given out. At Aliante Station there was an event for our local Army reservists being deployed to Afghanistan. In Boulder City the railroad museum ran train rides with Santa. Quite an assortment of things to do.

We were at the Harley Davidson Café for my companies’ holiday party. As usual I parked a distance away so that we could walk through a few casinos to get there. Being old folk we normally hit the Strip during the day, this was our first evening outing in a while. The tourist style does change after dark. Though it was only 9pm and not the opening time of all the fancy clubs (they open doors sometime between 10pm and 1am depending on venue) there was a definite switch from sweat suits and jeans to nice evening wear, with quite a few young women wearing very short, very tight dresses. My wife is convinced that the absence of visible panty lines was due to the wearing of Spanks, but I think there is a simpler explanation. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your (or my wife’s) point of view) I was not able to investigate thoroughly.

Just to throw in a few photos, here are some more of Tivoli Village. Yes, the sun is shining, though cold at night (around freezing this morning) it does get up near 60f (15c) in the daytime.

Outside the Scoops Ice Cream parlor

Main street

Security didn't seem very busy


Stephen Hayes said...

"...the wearing of spanks?" I'm not familiar with these. Is this something i should purchase for Mrs. Chatterbox?

Viva La Marla said...

I'm sure my husband would have preferred the xmas party at HD cafe instead of the casino where we went. Then again, he's a biker, so ...

SOL's view said...

The photos look great and I'm really taken with the ice cream table and chairs!

Once upon a time in a Kingdom far, far away ... I too could run in high heels. Many years under the bridge now!


Don said...

And why the hell didn't you check out the Spanks vs whatever question? What kind of Vegas guru are you anyway?

We are hitting a show next week; first time out at night in Vegas in well over a year. I'm looking forward to it but I doubt if I'll be able to report on the Spanks question either!

Virginia Gal said...

Phone home sounds like a wonderful program!

Merry Christmas Joe!

Pearl said...

Did you know that people actually have an acronym now for when you can't tell if there are panties involved? "NVPL". No Visible Panty Lines.

You're welcome. :-)

Pearl said...

Hi Joe! Merry Christmas!

I was thinking about reincarnating my Gambatte blog and came across some of your comments, so thought I'd drop in and say hello.

Still in Vegas, nearly 4-1/2 years now, and finally starting to adjust. Lol!

Hope you and your family have a great 2012!


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The Blonde Duck said...

I hope you had a good Christmas!

Pamela said...

Is the evening wear comment spam or spanks? heh heh?

I can't imagine heading somewhere at 10 at night. I'd be wearing my pajamas under my skirt.

The Blonde Duck said...

Happy New Years!

Lemon said...

I very much like the pictures. It's always amazing when I'm sitting inside, it's dark early and there is some snow beside the window, to see people in pants around Christmas time. I love it to get different perspectives by these kind of photos, thanks. Hope you had a great Christmas.

karen said...

I'm late here, so wishing you a very Happy New Year! Enjoying catching up on the photos and word pics of Vegas - such an incredible place, and could not be more different to our world over here!
Best wishes from Africa, for a wonderful 2012!!

SOL's view said...

Happy New Year Joe to you and yours!

We do the eggs on the flat plate. MOTH uses egg rings too, but I prefer mine 'free range' :D