Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Vegas snow

Didn’t get any snow last year, can’t say that about this year. Listening to how the southeast is now having problems, and the big storms in the northeast over Christmas, and all the white stuff in Europe, still makes me happy to be living here.

We did get some snow on January 3, but at my house it only took 20 minutes to disappear. Fortunately my wife was home to get some pictures.

That’s about it. Low of -3c that night, but got up to 10c in the afternoon, no chance of that stuff staying around. But it did look pretty coming down, and on the bushes. Mt. Charleston, only 100km away, got over two meters on their ski slopes, leaving us with white mountains in the distance.


Don said...

Did you lose any plants? We've got one that we think bit the dust. Sometimes they revive, we're hoping.

SOL's view said...

It looks lovely dusted in white. :)

The Blonde Duck said...

I never got snow. Pout.

nick the bet said...

Looks like my city. Never thought Vegas was hit by snow.