Thursday, January 13, 2011

Quiet time in Vegas

This is a quiet period in Las Vegas. CES finished up last week and there is a little lull before the next big round. There were interesting comparisons, we had CES in town filling the convention center with a bunch of ‘geeks’ interested in electronics, the AVN (Adult Video) group was at the Sands with a big award banquet at the Palms, and the Miss America group was here as well. So we go from the wholesome ‘American’ girls in the pageant to the, shall we say, less clothed less formal group at AVN to the mainly male electronics people. Something for everyone almost, no religious group though, they don’t usually come to Vegas anyway.

Carlos Santana is back at the Hard Rock for his periodic two week appearance. He’ll be back again in April, but that’s it for his contract and he said he loves Vegas but wants to tour more. Cher is at Caesar’s Coliseum for her last shows, haven’t heard anything about touring afterwards. Most of the big shows are closed for two or three weeks during January or February to give the casts vacation time, so if you’re coming out be sure to plan ahead if there is something you want to see. Hotel room rates are down, and most of the shows are offering locals special two for one ticket deals. I walked around the middle of the Strip last night and there were very few people around compared to the warmer seasons, so it’s a good time to come.

Last night I had the pleasure of having coffee and talking with Charles, a blogger out on a business trip from Hong Kong. I read his blog along with that of his wife Tess and enjoy the stories of raising trips + 1 in Hong Kong. Charles is the third blogger that I have had the pleasure of meeting in person, so if any of you come to Vegas please email me in advance and we can get together. I like showing off the city, and too many tourists just spend time on the Strip unaware of all the things available.

As for the weather here – it’s sunny with a bright blue cloudless sky (as usual), cold but warming up. Supposed to be back up to daytime highs of 21c (70f) or so by the weekend .Hopefully the cold is over, but there is still a chance of dropping down below freezing through February. No more snow.

Let’s end up with a bit by Santana. I first heard his recording of this back when I was in the Navy stationed in California, in (can I say it’s that long ago?) 1970 on the Abraxas album, which we played over and over. He still puts on a great show, come to Vegas and catch his regular act or if he starts touring again please try and see him.


The Blonde Duck said...

I'm sick of cold weather!

Don said...

When we moved to Nevada from Florida I got rid of my records - Abraxas was among them. Oh the good old days!

Froggy said...

LOVE Santana. My daughter plays guitar and I keep kidding her about aspiring to play like Santana. She rolls her eyes at me....

Thanks for sharing, Joe!