Thursday, June 03, 2010

Getting warm

Spring is here, it’s nice and sunny (well, we have sun over 350 days a year) and no clouds in the sky. Humidity is down to our normal summer range of under 10%, and tomorrow we will be hitting a string of 100f days, which should last through August.

For those of you not adept at our backwards American measurements, here is the more civilized version.

I have started seeing television ads for the new Twilight movie. As a reminder from us old timers, we can display this again.

Wishing you all happy summer vacations, and enjoy those kids at home.


SOL's view said...

I cannot begin to imagine what those temps are like without humidity. Summer where I am gets to mid to high 30s, but humidity hovers somewhere around 70 to 80%.

It's starting winter here and today is a gorgeously balmy 22deg C. Wonderful in the sun but horror in the shade. *basks like lizard onna rock*

Love the image. Yay for Buffy! Gods but I miss that show! Will have to make an effort to get off my butt and buy some of the seasons. :D

Virginia Gal said...

Yes this will be my first Arizona summer and everyone is telling me to gear up!

Froggy said...

wow, that sounds like an Adelaide summer. SOL, lets just say it's like opening the oven door... a blast of hot, dry air that sets fire to the nose hairs...

At least your evening temps are quite pleasant, Joe!