Monday, February 01, 2010

Three February things

I wanted to do this more often, but thanks to Clare here are three beautiful things for today:
1. The sun is shining, and everything seems clean from the rain last week. The ground is still moist, and it smells like springtime. I bought several packs of flower bulbs yesterday and am working in the moist garden and anticipating colorful blooms in a few months.
2. Buster is out in the grass wandering around. Even almost blind and twenty one years old he still likes to sniff the grass and check things out. When he bumps into my leg he sniffs to make sure it’s me and just stands there waiting to be picked up.
3. Buster normally sleeps all day on our bed, but we can hear when he gets down and goes for a drink of water as the tags on his collar hit against the metal water bowl, and the distant clink clink echoes around the house.

OK, can’t do this without at least one picture, here he is just supervising us in the kitchen, that missing left eye doesn’t seem to bother him too much.

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