Monday, February 15, 2010

Is it Spring yet?

We have been hearing all the news about snow back East, and I’ve been remembering what it was like to go out and sit in my cold car in the morning and not feel the heater doing anything even after I got to the work parking lot. It is much different here. We are about into Spring, and I am enjoying it.

What did I do the day of the big snowfall in Washington? I had to go outside and put out the pool pump, to pump all the rainwater off of the pool cover.

See it there, down in the pool, pulling off all that water from the heavy rains we had? And then that evening we went off to our local big home supply store and just had to comment on the display out front. Was it snow shovels and snow blowers? No, not quite . . .

Yesterday B spent some time getting our raised beds ready for veggies

Over under the trees some volunteer paperwhites had sprung up

But the rest of the yard still looks like winter

The only green grass is the different shade type that survives under the peach tree in our hot summers. The ground is still wet, we ended up with about 2.6 inches of rain total over three weeks, a lot more than we usually get, around half of our ‘average’ rainfall, and more than the 1.5 inches totall all of last year. This brings the worms up, so the birds keep coming back

Overhead the crisp air made my favorite sky patterns, lots of stripes.

And the temperatures? Low of 45 last night, it did hit 69 in our back yard yesterday. Supposed to warm up as the week goes on. You guys can keep your snow, and I love our summer 115 as well, so there.

(Sorry guys - that's a high yesterday of 20c with a low of 7c, in the summer it has gotten up to 47c since we've been here)


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Yikes: last night on the BBC weather news they were cheering about the UK finally hitting double figures in daytime centigrade temperatures across the majority of the UK. Shiver.

I think I like your weather better...

Las Vegas Photo said...

wow..cold weather..good thing i'm in a tropical country.. =)