Thursday, August 27, 2009

Summer's not over yet

It’s the end of August, Labor Day is about here and kids are going back to school. I don’t know who every started the concept of summers off, supposedly back so the farmers could have help but that doesn’t make sense as planting is earlier and harvest is later, but whatever. Our daughter taught year ‘round school, which seems so much better as the kids have less time to forget, but even then too many parents, where both work or only one has the kids, can’t really find day care for several months or can’t afford it. Why not just let the kids stay more? I know, teacher unions and money, all comes down to that.
But here it’s still warm.

This is from yesterday’s paper, already shifted up, expecting 107 today. The pool is nice and warm, water temp up around 93 or so and just really nice to float in at sunset. We had the big crowd over last weekend, and the pool was a riot of noise and activity. Fortunately I did not get in the water with that crowd, just played host and served food and drinks and talked nice.

Our local car dealers are still fighting for business. There seem to have been a lot of sales due to the government rebates, but dealers are adding more on to keep people coming in. We’ve had a lot of dealerships close over the past year. One I wrote about before had a follow on advertisement, or it seems to be following the same direction. Remember this ad I complained about?

Well a few weeks ago this one popped up from the same dealer. I wonder if people were supposed to remember the first one when viewing this one?

Whatever, neither one makes me want to rush out there and get a car.

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English language is not my main language, yet I can fully understand this using the google translator. Wonderful article, have them coming! Say thanks!