Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The area that we live in here in Vegas is zoned Rural Residential, with the houses on a minimum lot size of a half acre, with about every third house on a full acre. There are no sidewalks or streetlights, though new residents sometimes try to talk the rest of us into paying big bucks to upgrade the area and we always vote it down. One of the reasons we live here is the quieter nature of the place, you can go a half mile over and get sidewalks if you want that. New construction now puts ten homes per acre (plus streets and sidewalks), which gives you six feet between houses and a back yard about ten feet deep. The RR designation is one up from Farm, which means that we can keep a limited number of animals if we wanted to. On a half acre we could have a half dozen chickens, two horses, two sheep, or other farm animals. We don’t have anything beyond our vicious dog; the birds just fly in for free food and water. But some people keep horses, and they frequently wander past. I was out the other day and caught some out front, but by the time I ran in and grabbed the camera they had continued to mosey on

Back at the BHRCND from where I used to work I caught another bride

Yesterday B went up to the top of the Stratosphere for lunch and she found a wedding in progress up there out 1,200 feet above the strip (no pictures though). So far I’ve seen Vegas weddings on a pirate ship, in a gondola, in the lobby, on the Strip sidewalk, even caught my own son getting married, but they did one of the wedding chapels.

A few days ago somebody showed up here; let’s see if you can figure out who it was from the contents of their carry on luggage.

If you can’t tell, that blue fuzzy thing with the dog on it in the upper left is the carry on, it’s a backpack but has a handle and wheels so you can pull it too. Inside were: a watermelon slice potholder, a bananagrams banana full of letters, a jump rope, a blue ball, a container of bugs (but there were only two bugs in it), a black ladybug and a sunhat.

Well, if you guessed my granddaughter E down from Portland you’re correct (and did you also guess that she packed her bag herself?).

Here for a week or so to spend every day swimming in our warm pool (water temp is 89, but we’re trying to warm it up because that’s too cold for our daughter, should have it up to 93 by Friday).

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