Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday videos - Busby's dancing girls

Wow, another Monday. This seemed like a lost weekend - B is up in Portland visiting granddaughter E. Her folks went away for the weekend, so grammy got so spend some alone time with E. Unfortunately she found our little darling has turned into a three year old lay on the floor kicking and screaming ‘I DON’T WANT TOOOOOOOOOOOO - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO’ monster. Granddad is glad he didn’t go.

So what did I do in Vegas during my alone time? (no, not over yet, she won’t be back until Thursday) Did I call over the topless dancing girls? Did I hit the casinos and blow my paycheck? Did I finally get to eat that $350 meal at Guy’s (since I can’t afford two, or even one for that matter)? Did I do all of the chores left around the house for me? No, I was sucked in by the Time Spore of Satan. That’s Spore, as in the new video game of that name. Now I sit all day in front of a computer, and have some customers at work I take home to do when there. I am not good at video games, my reaction time is pretty poor, so I just hate those shoot-em-up games. But I like the ones that make you think, and especially if they let you save periodically so you can try over and over again. A long time ago I was stuck on Apple Panic (anybody remember that far ago?). I’ve been watching the previews for Spore, which seems very pretty and logical and inventive - no shooting, not much dying, lots of choices. So I hit the big store on Friday and got one. Well, 2am Saturday I was still going putting things on my little guy. (that might not seem late for you guys, but I’m usually in bed before 10, getting up at 5:15 for work) And so went Saturday again until 2, and all of Sunday, but I did hit the bed around 10. I don’t want to say that this game is addictive, but . . .

So that is why I skipped that other computer time puller, Second Life. Udge got me stuck on that one. I just like walking around, finding things, and talking to people. It’s a little different than Spawn, because there is some interaction with real people rather than just light on the screen. But both of them take a lare amount of time. Please, just don’t tell B where I was.

OK, enough of my weekend; on to some old music today. I might have posted these in the past. But I still like them. Some of my favorite movies are old musicals, I can watch reruns of these any time. Busby Berkeley is the king of the grand spectacles, Since everyone says the economy is tanking, we can go back to the ‘great depression’ and see how they were in the money:

Most of the story lines of those movies were supposed background scenes where Broadway musicals were being put on, with a little love story between Ruby Keeler (most of the time) and Dick Powell. Two good examples of how much effort was put into those films can be found in the Gold Diggers of 1933 and 1935. But Dames of 1934 had tons of dames.

Looking at this I find interesting how the idea of beautiful changes. Look at movies today and the shape and facial features seem quite different than most of these girls. But back to spectacles, there were two grand numbers I remember from these films, one a violin scene, the other with dancing pianos. I did fing the piano one. Remember, this supposedly is taking place on a stage in a Broadway theatre, as if an audience could see it, or there were stages this big and shiny

So - more musical history for you, brought to you by Busby Berkeley and hundreds of dancing girls. And Ginger Rogers before she met Fred Astaire (yes, I like those dancing movies too, but that's for another Monday).

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