Friday, September 19, 2008

E Pirate Friday

Arrrrg me harties. It’s international Talk Like A Pirate Day, so me be tryin’ it. Not doin’ it too well, but it also be E Friday, so maybe the pics ‘ll save me. (what? You didn’t remember, even after my reminder?)
Ye remembers E Fridays? Wherin I puts up some o dem E pics for yer enjoyment. So here she goes:
Here she be partakin in some fine grub down a her local Mexican eatery

Bean burritos - almost as much fun a few hours later. An one o her birthday presents - Legos (like in lego my butt, ye been at sea too long)

And ‘er grannis’ favorite one, Tickle Me Elmo, twas almost too hard ta give away, grammy be fallin down laughin like Elmo hisself

So, poor try, but there ye be. (but I would much rather be Cap’n Jack, and he sounds so much better)

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