Monday, February 11, 2008

Video Monday - Love Songs

OK, I was going to follow up on my France videos, but since it’s almost Valentine’s Day we might as well do some love songs. I was looking for old ones, but YouTube doesn’t seem to have any of the ones from too long ago. We can go back fifty years though. Problem is, there were so many to pick from I just couldn’t confine myself to three. Pick the ones that you want to listen to (or listen to them all, they are pretty).

One of the most romantic sounding, even if you don’t say you like him, is Elvis’ Love Me Tender (1956):

In keeping with the oldies, these guys had a nice slow love song way back when, not too long after Elvis (1964). Paul sounded lovely as always:

And the same period, for a woman singer, Moma Cass had one of the most loverly voices (1967)

Another woman's voice that I remember from the same period was that of Mary, singing along with Peter and Paul. Originally written and a big hit by John Denver, I liked the PP&M version a lot better, and Mary's voice is really mournful, I think this is one of the most beautiful voices recorded. Couldn't find a video of them singing it from the original release, you'll have to put up with Ross and Rachel, but ignore the video and listen to the song (1969).

Trying to get a little variety here, for those of you into big hair, back to Whitesnake’s (even if you didn’t want to dance on the hood of their car) This Must Be Love (1987):

OK, they didn’t have as much hair but Air Supply had a big hit with All Out of Love (1980):

OK, we can go back seventy years, to 1937. Known more as a dancer than a singer, I still like how Fred Astaire puts out a song. It doesn’t mention love, but it’s still nice; singing to Ginger Rogers without dancing:

One of my favorites is fairly recent, on my Ipod frequent play list, Madeline Peyroux Dance Me to the Song of Love:

Hope that leaves you with enough dreams of love. Do something nice on Valentine’s Day (if the kids let you).

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