Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monday music videos

When we were driving around France seven years ago (wow, doesn’t feel that long ago) we kept hearing this song, Sex Bomb, the voice was familiar but I just could not place the singer until we got back to Paris and watched French MTV, and got to see who it was. See if you can place the voice without looking:

We were surprised to find out it was the famous Welsh singer Sir Thomas Jones Woodward, someone that we hadn’t heard in years. For some reason a song titled Sex Bomb sung by a sixty year old was moving up the charts in France. Well, they always seem to go for older male singers. I do not remember ever hearing this one played on the radio or MTV here in the states. The one I remember him putting out was a long time ago:

The sound isn’t too good, but in 1965 he sure looked a lot younger (and he sure can snap his fingers). He still hits Vegas periodically, coming through just a few months ago. I don’t know if the girls still throw their panties on stage, as they used to do forty years ago.

There was another American singer that was getting a lot of airplay on French MTV – young enough to be Tom’s daughter. Let’s not start any rumours now.

There were also some French singers that I really liked, and was able to purchase their Cds before we left Paris. This one made it to my Ipod walking playlist, it has a good beat for walking:

OK, back to music history for you youngsters, I thought the beat and corus of Yannick’s sounded very familiar, but not knowing how to speak French I couldn't figure out the words, but after a while it came to me: it was a remake of Frankie Vallie’s 1963 hit Oh What a Night

Which itself sure sounds like an updated remake of the Dell’s recording from the early 50’s

OK, enough of music history for today.

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