Thursday, July 12, 2007

Thursday three things

Still trying to be positive, for Clare’s three things:

1. Coming in to a quiet workplace – there are no shows for several weeks (I work at a convention center, for some reason July in Las Vegas is not the month that people want to put on conventions or trade shows) and most people are on vacation, so the halls are empty, the offices are staffed with not many people and the ones here are vacationing in their minds and not really asking much out of the IT department.
2. Learning some new programs while I have time to learn. At my last job I was doing the work of three and really overloaded; it is nice to have a job where there is time to learn something new instead of being asked why I am so far behind.
3. Typing at the computer and anticipating meeting my wife for lunch. She drives down DI into the back entrance of the parking garage at the Fashion Show Mall in a nice short straight drive and misses all of the Strip area traffic. I walk over to meet her – yes, two bridges and a nice walk in the sunshine, and it is only supposed to get up to 43c today – and we will probably walk back to the big hotel next door. I’m trying to figure out which of the dozen restaurants to eat at: we’ll probably try the noodle bar down next to the poker parlor.
4. (OK, four things today) Listening to Gwen on YouTube:

Thinking about J who sits right behind me in the corner. He is the other programmer here, I’ve worked with him at other jobs and he helped me get this position. He too is on vacation this week, off to a wedding in Seattle. J likes this song, and periodically he breaks the silence in here and we all hear him back there singing ‘weee hoooo’ and know that Sweet Escape has rolled around on his IPod. The other three of us in this room usually join in, it must sound strange to people walking by in the hall outside when we do this. (I've pushed replay five times now, that weee hoooo is kind of habit forming.)

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