Thursday, June 08, 2006

HN Thursday (finally)

Wow, now that I’ve got all of these pictures queued up and ready to display, it seems I’m motivated to share them. Let’s see, what can I use?

Oh, it’s Thursday. Somebody pointed to Osbasso, the individual that started Half Nekkid Thursday.


And I finally have a picture for it.

In the spirit of it, I am half nekkid. At least what you can see. I’ll have to look at some more of the links (at home, some of the people seem to really take the name to heart and I can just see my boss walk by and see what I’m looking at). And it is pool season. We’re having a group over Saturday evening. I’m sitting in the shade of a little pool hut that was here when we bought the place. We wondered about the strange shape of the roof, but after the first summer found that it was great – started shading the pool around 5 in the summer. It might be nice to hit the water when it’s hot, but as I’ve said before, the Vegas sun can be brutal, and it’s much nicer to float in the water and be in the shade. After all, it’s still 101f in the shade.

Since we’re on the subject, here’s my daughter’s pool.

She has a more ‘standard’ lot, but even here the back yard is about twice the size of what you get in new homes, her house was built in the late 70’s and is on an inside corner, giving them a bigger lot. Most of the pools that go in are rounded – ours is unusual in it’s sharp corners. But because of that we have an electric pool cover, which is what causes the water to be so nice and warm. If you want a pool in your yard in one of the brand new homes you basically get a large bathtub, with a foot or so of concrete all around. Not as inviting as it could be.

So let’s keep going with the personal photos today. I’ve spoke before of our two vicious dogs, Max and Buster. They control the yard, and Max thinks he’s king of the house as well. Frequently biting Buster in the butt when he gets out of line. But they are both really softies, not lap dogs but they like to sit next to you and touch butts. Not each other’s butt but people’s butts. Lots of butts there, eh? (did that sound Canadian?). So here they are:

Buster is the brown one, of course (for you old farts that know what I’m talking about). Max might try to be hard, but he’s afraid of most everything. He’ll yell at every dog that walks by, but take him for a walk and he’s shivering when someone else barks at him. And he almost dies when he hears thunder, cowering under your feet at wind and rain as well.

A few years ago my youngest son gave me his car. Years earlier oldest son passed on his old truck when he got a new one – said truck appearing in last post, and some future one. The car, it was really classy, but a little too much for the San Francisco hills and parking situation. So it ended up in Vegas, in need of much work, which it now has had, and a good home. We have enough cars, and though I have always loved this model it needs to go. So I will be off to Craig’s list to try and sell it.

It’s a ’65 slab sided Lincoln, with suicide doors. Really big inside. I have no idea how many miles per gallon it gets, I haven’t driven it very much at all. If you want one, give me a call.

Of course we need to end with a pic of E.

Helping move the bbq stuff back from where we grill by the pool to the kitchen.

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