Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Flowers in the yard, part 2

OK, back to my tour of flowers in my yard. Again, these have been in bloom sometimes in the past few weeks.

These aren’t natives, they are bulbs that we brought with us from SD and keep in this pot.

Pretty, though.
For Deana, we also have some iris plants around the yard. These are volunteers that came up after we converted from grass over to desert landscaping. They are not located where the drip puts out water, so are just getting by on the little rain that we do get.

I don’t know what these are, it’s a fifteen foot high bush we have out back that blooms each spring.

Nice white flowers, and smell real sweet.

These purple ones are out front. I think they are western lilacs, but not sure on that.

Again, blooms for quite a while, I’ve seen bushes ten feet high covered in purple, and fragrant.

These are low growing Mexican primrose. We’ve got them in several locations, they reseed every year and have flowers for most of the summer.

Our biggest bloomers are the oleanders. We’ve got red, white and two shades of pink. Oleanders are used all over southern California on the freeway dividers, looking nice and green, blooming almost all year long, and put up with all of the cars and exhaust.

Some of our bushes are fifteen feet high, full bloom in spring and with some flowers on all summer long. We’ve put in a few more, to fill in this wall that we see from our kitchen window.

Finally one of the native plants that symbolizes the west, it’s the sagebrush.

There are quite a few varieties, in various shades of purple. I believe this one is the Texas Ranger variety. We have about two dozen sage bushes around, a nice long stretch up front along the front fence, and out in back in a row along the sidewalk. We also have some just scattered about.

There are other things in bloom – I’ll have to check on what I’ve got pictures of and repost.

So that’s our desert landscaping. As you can see, it’s not all dirt and browns. We have quite a variety of blooming plants, and quite a spread of shades of green. It’s much more interesting than the half acre of grass we started with, and I have no problem in buying plants we see in the nursery and just plunking them down someplace in the yard.

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