Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday thoughts

In assorted notes conversations with Rob he ended up posting a photo of Pandora Peaks. I did not recognize the young woman, but realized that I had posted a shot of her before, back when I mentioned the death of Russ Meyer in September of 2004.

I had posted an observation of ‘typical’ women before. I noticed when living in California that southern California was the home to a large number of extremely attractive women. I usually do the grocery shopping, and whenever I went shopping in San Diego I almost always came across a shopper that would just make me stop and stare. Must be why so many Playboy girls are from California. New York was filled with extremely pale women with lots of makeup – probably due to lack of sun and need to be noticed. Las Vegas is home to very enhanced women. Almost every shopping trip here I come across somebody not quite like Pandora, but close. One of the local newspaper stories about ‘exotic dancers’ said that for every extra inch an entertainer could bring in an extra $10,000 a year. Haven’t been to any of those places here in Vegas, perhaps I should do some field research. (Rob – want to come along on a fact finding study?) I would think that there is a limit to enhancement, but I have seen photos of some women that seem more distorted than attractive. But I guess some guys have a deep-rooted nurturing complex or something that makes them attracted to very large chests.

I can’t comment on other locations, never having been to Minnesota or Virginia or lots of areas in the US. As for Europeans, I am too distracted by the attractive accents.

For some reason this brings to mind a news story on TV yesterday. Evidently a number of men use the Internet to find young women. The news article concentrated on men that are predators on young teenagers (or younger) who end up trying to get together with them for sex. One TV station had people on line in chat rooms pretending to be young girls, and ended up setting up dates with some of the men. They set up meetings at the supposed young girls homes when parents were not there. The men ended up being greeted by camera crews. Some of them were told to enter via the garage, and take their clothes off before coming in. One segment showed naked men entering the kitchen, being confronted by a camera crew asking if they were sexual predators, and filming their excuses. Most had no explanation for why they were naked, and just ran off pulling up their pants. My wife wondered why police weren’t present to also greet these men. But other articles discuss some police precincts having officers do the same thing, and arresting the guys when they do show up. In a later segment of the show we were watching there were some police present that did arrest a few of the guys.

I don't know, but if they were confronting a naked guy in the kitchen of the house where he thought he was meeting a thirteen year old, I would suggest a nice sharp (or rusty and dull) carving knife be used. Cut off those external appendages that motivate him to do such things. Make sure if he wants to visit a kid again he will not be able to do much about it.

I have never been to a chat room, enjoying more the slow pace of typing things in Word and posting after a spell check. Sometimes inappropriately, sometimes just deleting the document without posting. I am usually rushed when leaving comments, and have to apologize for sometimes leaving comments that might seem strange. My mind does not seem to work as fast as my fingers. Quite frequently I have conversations with people, and as I walk away mentally hit myself and say ‘I should have said that’. Can’t think fast enough on my feet (or butt in front of the computer.)

But remember, if you are in a chat room having a conversation with a supposedly attractive young woman (or man) you might really be having an on line discussion with someone like this:

Or maybe even reading a blog. No, not me, just somebody I came across when reading a similar topical warning. (but then again, one never knows, does one?)


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