Friday, January 20, 2006

Lunch in the bahamas

I usually have lunch here in the company cafeteria, but we went out for lunch last week to a place that I like, Bahama Breeze. Looking at the web site I see it’s a chain, so you might be able to find one someplace closer than Las Vegas. I tried out my new camera, but didn’t get far enough away for overall shots.

Here it’s located east of the strip on Paradise Boulevard, from work we’ve got to get around the airport and up there. It’s different than other places around here, you can get jerk chicken, but I like the assorted fish dishes. They come out looking really pretty, with sauces made from tropical fruits. Different than other places.

It's got tin ceilings, high fans, waiters dressed in colorful shirts, lots of plants.

On the way back we turned past one of the old style MacDonalds restaurants.

There are a few scattered around Las Vegas. I think they are original rather than new ones built in the old style. There was one on Sahara near my old job, this one is further east on the corner of Flamingo and Eastern. It is not in a tourist area, but surrounded by older homes. Well, for Vegas older homes were built in the 50’s and 60’s.

With all of the nice restaurants here in Las Vegas I like to try going out at least one night a week. Usually we end up at one of the places we’ve been to before, but periodically we do end up at a new one. Usually it all depends on money, as the ones I read about are usually places at the big casinos, which are usually rated as $$$$ on the scale of $ to $$$$.

Last night we hit Sweet Tomatoes, which is another chain, a big soup and salad bar. Filling up on the greens and veggies. I see that most of them are out west, but two are in North Carolina. When my cousin came out from New Jersey to San Diego a few years ago we took her to our favorite soup and salad bar. She was very impressed and had not seen a place like that in the northeast – where you make your own salad, having dozens of things to pile on top. I usually start with a base of plain lettuce, then add cucumbers, kidney beans, blue cheese, tomatoes, bell peppers, red onions, and whatever else looks pretty while walking by. Try as I might I always end up with a pile on my plate so high things roll off.

Other places we end up at include the Red Robin for hamburgers, Twin Creek Steakhouse at Silverton Casino for steak, Texas Steak House or Memphis BBQ for ribs and my favorite Rosemary's. There are also a few Mexican restaurants, and seafood places as well.

Our local Las Vegas Magazine has a section in back where they review restaurants and have a listing of all the bigger ones around town. Sometimes I read the listings and pick one to try. We usually go out on Tuesday or Wednesday night, to avoid the weekend tourist crowds. Most of the regular places are nowhere near the tourist areas, but Friday and Saturday night are still the busy times.

Oh, I see the Silverton is having The Village People, Herman’s Hermits, the Little River Band and Sheena Easton. Some big names there. Silverton is south of the main area, on I-15. It’s the first big casino/hotel you pass coming up from LA, besides the really big places at Stateline and Jean. Still a little ‘off strip’ for most tourists. The have just added a big hotel section, the Bass Pro Shops and redid the casino. It’s mostly filled with locals, tight with lots of slots. Once a week they have free plate give-aways, which really pulls in the older crowd. They then fill up the slots and line up for the buffet. But we go for the steak place, which does not attract the same crowd.

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