Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday three

Three Friday things. Thanks to Clare.

1. Nice warm cup of coffee in the morning, over the paper at home or at the computer at work. Starbucks - I’m in to the whole giant corporations taking over the world and driving small guys out of business thing, but damn Starbucks makes a great mocha Valencia.
2. Soft warm bagel and cream cheese to go with the coffee. (see a theme going here?)
3. Fridays. With thoughts of no alarm tomorrow so we can have a lie in and read the paper on the patio with coffee and the color funnies on Sunday and just not be here. (small Snoopy dance)

Hope I don't repeat myself every Friday, but if I do, hey, I'm still happy about it. Never said I couldn't be happy about the same things every week.

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