Friday, October 07, 2005

Bathroom redo pics

Finally pulled together some shots so I can compare bathrooms with Ana. My work in no way compares with the pretty stripes that she put in her remodeled bath or the nice tile in the other one.
This is our smallest bath. It’s about 7 ft x 4 ft. Not big enough to get pictures inside very well.

We just stripped the 70’s wallpaper off, scraped the textured ceiling and painted it a pale green. Replaced the sink with a smaller one, and B used some of the tile we put around the fireplace to make a frame for the mirror. We left the big stuck-on-the-wall mirror in place. Just noticed the poster - one we bought on our Paris trip, some show in one of the museums. We like the art Neuveau style stuff, don't have anything around this house but the poster, though. B made the little ceramic thing at her university ceramics class.
Then we hit Ikea on a recent San Diego trip (none of them here in Nevada yet) and filled the car with these skinny CD racks. The white checkerboard looks pretty good up against the green background. Now just trying to figure out what to fill all those small shelves with.

This room is right off the laundry room and kitchen. It’s where everybody that goes swimming ends up changing out of their wet (well, with our humidity usually almost dry by changing time) bathing suits. Sorry it’s so small, but that’s what we have. Maybe some day we’ll do something out by the pool, but other projects are first. We are in the middle of redoing the one bedroom, Pergo wood floor, more wallpaper and ceiling stuff down, redo of the closet. I’ll do photos this weekend – hopefully I can finish up before my trip next week.

I’ll be leaving Sunday for beautiful San Jose (the first Silicon Valley) and a week of C# and .NET classes. Probably no posts or reading time there, too busy learning the latest Microsoft religion.

But here is what our fireplace is looking like.

It was white brick. I covered that over with wallboard and we put small glass tiles around and big tiles in front. Still have to replace those oak cabinets on the left and do some type of mantle shelf.

Next projects – hopefully get some cabinets and a bench seat in the breakfast area before our Swedish group gets here Nov 11. We’ll see how fast I can build that. Then probably French doors to replace our front window and rip up and redo the front patio this winter. Winter here means lots of rain (yea, probably a whole inch and a half scattered over six rainy days between December and April) and not over 100f temperatures. We usually have nights around 50 and days around 75, so it should be nice for swinging the sledgehammer and breaking up the old concrete. After that I want to redo the kitchen. I’ll try to get pics for here.

With the advancement of winter I now get up when it’s dark, and am usually in the car headed east when the sun comes up between the hotels on the strip. But here I’ll end with a recent sunrise, from my front door as I went out to get the morning paper.

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