Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Pictures of morning drive

Well, here are some of the pictures I promised. These are on my ride to work one morning.
I showed you the view of the Wynn from out east. This first shot is after I turn the corner on to Frank Sinatra Drive.

It’s the back of some new thing Caesar’s Palace is building – I don’t know if it’s a convention center or parking expansion. The two buildings to the right are the Bellagio – the main building and the newer small tower is the Tower at the Spa.
After I drive a little further, right behind the Bellagio, are these two signs. I saw in the paper that they are called marquees – you can see from how they span four lanes, and the size of the car approaching, that they are rather large.

This one advertises “O” the show. Photos of that to come.
Further down I pass New York New York and the Luxor, but those shots came out too blurry – I’ll try again. At the south end is the Mandalay Bay. Here is the back of their parking garage.

And a little further down is their marquee.

Big draw on this one is Mama Mia, a musical based on a bunch of Abba songs, for those ‘young at heart’.
Turning the corner I come up on Las Vegas Boulevard. Right across the street from my traffic light is the Little Church of the West Wedding Chapel.

This is the chapel furthest south in town, or the first one you used to come to when driving on the old road (before I15) from LA.
And a mile down is the back of the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

Just to the left is the Executive Terminal at the airport. You can see one of the smaller jets that park there. Last weekend, Superbowl, we had almost 300,000 visitors in town, a pretty good weekend. Many high rollers flew in on their own planes, and parked them here. There was quite a crowd, probably forty or fifty jets on Friday night and Monday morning. Then they started to leave, and now are down to about four.
I turn the corner and am on Sunrise, just a little bit from my work. I’ve been going for lunchtime walks, and there are two big blocks I make in 40 minutes of fast walking. One leg takes me back along Sunrise, along the south side of the airport runways. Looking north across the airport, through the big chain link fence, is the strip stretching away.

From the left, Mandalay Bay, the Luxor pyramid, the wall of the Excalibur castle, New York New York, the Monte Carlo, and the big green wall of the MGM Grand (the biggest hotel in the world). You can almost see the peak of the Eiffel tower above it. To the TI gold on the right. Just above, at the right of the picture, you can almost see the snow on the peaks to the north.
So that's the side tourists don't usually see. It's more for casino employees and locals.

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