Sunday, February 20, 2005

Live, from Las Vegas, Cirque photos!

Watching sixty minutes tonight, they had a segment on Cirque du Soleil. If you watched, there were a number of scenes from the "O" show, wiht people flying through the air and landing in water. So I figured I better tie in and get my O shots down.
As stated before, my camera is not very good in low light situations. As well, the show as so interesting I forgot to try and take many pictures, but here are some.
We started out at the Bellagio parking garage. In keeping with our Homeland Security national theme they stop every car entering the self-parking garage and search our trunk. I have no idea why they do this – they are the only hotel on the strip to do anything like this. The Venetian has guards at the entrance to the lot, but they just look at you stern faced and wave you on. What are they looking in the trunk for? Makes me want to get a bunch of old toilet paper rolls, paint them red, but strings in the end for fuses and put a big alarm clock with them in an open box next time we go. But I’ll probably get arrested and have to spend tons of money on lawyers just for a joke that no one will get. Maybe I can get the ACLU to prepare beforehand – And what do they usually see? Well, it’s people checking into a hotel – most trunks are filled with luggage. Guess it would be simpler to just put a bomb in a suitcase instead of leaving it laying out open in the trunk. But I digress.
The first thing we do in going into the hotel is visit the conservatory. This is a big glass ceiling room that is filled with trees and flowers and water – the theme gets changed frequently. This being Chinese New Year it was in that theme

Here are some precious little Chinese children (made of mums) playing with firecrackers. Don’t portray people now. Usually there are just animal themes. Over Christmas there was a pine forest, and it really snowed inside. This one was pretty, they usually are. This is just one corner - less that 10% of the total area. There was a hugh talking chicken in the middle - about fifty feet high, speaking Chinese. Probably saying "Happy New Year", but I couldn't tell.
On to the lobby,

the ceiling is filled with large glass flowers, blown by an artist from Venice. It is really pretty – wish I could have a ceiling like that. Each flower is about three to five feet across, and probably cost aroung $10,000 each. They have some smaller stuff in a glass shop off of the conservatory, and it's all $$$$. So you can estimate how big the lobby is if each flower is five feet across. And estimate the cost of just the ceiling. You've all probably seen shots of the fountains. If not, go to the Bellagio web site and see.
The slot area is about like the rest of the casinos – after all, it’s all about the money.

Here are about the only shots that almost came out of the show – this is the pool that makes up most of the stage. Can't see what activity is going on down there, too blurred.

There are platforms that rise up, and come out from the sides and back.
And here is that big silver boat that flew in – it’s full of about a dozen acrobats, that swung and jumped and did all sorts of marvelous things. You can almost see the shapes of the people on board - at this point they were making it swing back and forth, prior to all jumping down.

Over to the right you can see the red spot of another actor that was just floating by. Down below assorted figures would walk around the front of the stage. All of the Cirque shows have people that are continually wandering through. Just to keep things lively.
After the show we wandered back to our car. And across the way was the Monte Carlo. There was a ledge to put the camera on, so it came out OK – those are the Polo Club condo towers in front. And the towers of New York behind.

All together, a very nice night. Now I just have to save up my money for one of the fancy restaurants, and get some tickets down front. Wonder how far in advance those are going for?

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