Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Warmer and warmer

Sounds like a chapter from Through the Looking Glass. But it is getting so.
We hit the pool last night - not really night, but just at sunset. It was soooo nice. The air temp was 102 and the water in our pool is 95. Funny how those sound so hot, but when you stand up it feels cold.

Here's why our pool is so warm - we have a big cover that's on most of the time. It keeps down evaporation, and warms the water from the sun, and also keeps the dirt and stuff out. It was on the pool when we moved in last year, but we did have to replace the cover part as it was ten years old and pretty stiff - wouldn't close all the way.
Yes, it's a hugh pool. 42' by 24'. Our first, not many pools in cool San Diego. We didn't buy the house because it had a pool, but rather in spite of it. After laying it in almost every day last summer though I really love it.
Bouncing around the net tonight, not much time but I wanted to put up a like that was funny - from the Little Red Boat, an amusing young girl in London. The way I feel sometimes, and similar to a few other pages I've seen. This site should be in my regular links at right.
Another site I came across that was interesting - How much inside? where they actually measure some of the things that I wondered about. Where do they get the time?

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