Sunday, June 13, 2004


It's warming up again. After a week of upper 90 degree weather, we are back to the 100's every day. Should warm up again in July.
One of the things I noticed here in Las Vegas is that baseball is not as popular as soccer. There are a lot of soccer parks around.

This one is right across the street from the Von's market that I always go to. It's got about twenty fields, and on the weekends most are just full of kids running around. At night

it's full of adults playing - mostly men. I guess when girls grow up they stop doing foolish things like this. There's a new pizza parlor right across the street, and on weekends it's filled with teams hiting the carbs and filling up with pitchers of soda. At night it's still pizza, but pitchers of beer instead.
One thing that summer brings is air conditioning. It's a little challenging to ride in your car in the sunshine when it's over 100F and have the windows down. My wife always wants the air on, but I roll down the windows coming home from work and enjoy the weather.
My dog Max really likes to ride in the car, and like most dogs he likes to hang his head outside and enjoy the smells.

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