Friday, September 27, 2013

E Friday - pizza and swinging

When granddaughter E was visiting with us in August we went down to Circus Circus to hit the rides in the Adventure Dome. We stopped for lunch, and somebody liked her pizza

But in our back yard she probably spent as much time on the swing as in the pool

Boy, that picture makes Vegas look pretty green, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Je viens te souhaiter un excellent dimanche !

Merci pour ces belles photos des bons moments passés en famille ! Une bonne pizza, des endroits verts et de la convivialité ! C'est EXTRA !!!

GROSSES BISES d'Asie vers Vegas et meilleures pensées amicales pour toi Joe !

Blond Duck said...

Much greener than here!

Don said...

Makes that child look like she is growing up fast too!

And did I see a kid using a knife and fork to eat pizza? Ok, I do it but a kid? She's amazing for sure.

Happy Grandpa!

JoeinVegas said...

Can't help what her mom teaches her. Yup, no greasy hands, knife and fork.

Anonymous said...

Coucou cher Joe et merci pour ta gentille visite sur mon petit blog mardi.
BISOUS d'Asie et bonne continuation !!!!

Blond Duck said...

Happy Tuesday!

Rob said...

Eating pizza with fingers is OK unless you like it with a lot of topping (which I find is prone to escape bids if I don't use cutlery).

And I suppose all that rain Vegas had when we were there must have made it green (:->)