Thursday, April 25, 2013


My normal day at work runs from 6 am until 4:30 pm Tuesday through Friday. This gives me a three day weekend every week, which I just love. I have no problem exchanging the extra two hours a day for an additional day off like this. The drive I have in is reasonably short, and does not require me to hit any of the freeways or big streets. There isn’t much morning traffic anyway, but afternoons in Vegas always have crowded roads. Hours like these mean that I’ll never run into Frankie G on one of his 2am food hunts, but I’d rather have a sunny day to play in.

The drive in to work has been in the dark, but now that Spring progresses the sun is coming up earlier. What used to be black (except for the glow from the Strip) is now brighter. The last part of my drive is due east, so I am anticipating that sun right between the mountains directly in front of me, making it a little challenging to see. For now I get a warm glow up there

But soon it will be a bright ball. Heading home I was getting the setting sun dead ahead, but the visor can hide it now. Looks like Spring is here, due to hit 90 on Friday for a high, then 99 (37c) on Monday, with warm temps from then on. Hopefully my pool will be warming up and we can start swimming – I like warm water, usually by Memorial Day (the last weekend in May) water temps are up to 33c where I like it and we can start getting wet.


angryparsnip said...

I love that early morning drive when it is still quiet. You can almost feel the air it is so quiet.
Love your working hours !

I turned on my pool early, which in psst years seemed fine but we have had some weird weather with two cold fronts blowing in for a day. But I have been happy getting in the pool to do my exercises.

cheers, parsnip

Anonymous said...

♡✿♡ ♡✿♡ ♡✿♡
Bonjour et merci Joe de nous montrer cette route et le beau soleil !!
La lumière est belle !!!!

Bientôt, fin mai, tu pourras profiter de la bonne température de l'eau de ta piscine ... ce sera EXTRA !!!

BISES à toi :o) !!!
Bonne fin de semaine Joe :o)
♡✿♡ ♡✿♡ ♡✿♡

SOL's view said...

Ah spring. Coming into winter here and I so dislike getting up in the dark! Love the photo. :D