Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tivoli Village - Sophie's fountain

Last weekend we drove over to the newly opened Tivoli shopping center. It’s similar in style to the Towne Center and the District at Green Valley; an open air shopping area with a mixture of standalone and attached buildings with shops and restaurants, living space above, and an atmosphere that is supposed to be like a small town rather than just a shopping center, with streets and parks and things. Since the weather in Las Vegas is rather pleasant most of the year a lot of shopping centers are not enclosed, as they are in colder climates.

At one end of the main street near the kid’s playground is an interactive fountain, the kind that is designed for kids to run through, with soft rubber underfoot and jets and sprays that alternate. There were a few small kids playing nearby when we walked up, and I stepped on the button to start the spray sequence and we sat to enjoy the cooling mist – it was 102f and we could use the cooling part. The kids saw the activity and came running over. One was named Sophie – her mom kept yelling “Sophie – don’t do that… Sophie, don’t …”. Evidently this was the first time Sophie had seen a fountain like this. Her grandmother kept urging her to go on the fountain, and it did take a while for her to brave the water.

My wife B said that once Sophie started running through the water her mom would have a hard time getting her out of there, and it seems she was right.

As we walked down the street we could hear Sophie laughing as she ran through the water and played with the fountain, and kept urging grandma to start it again when the sequence ended.


Marla said...

I puffy heart Town Square! I'll have to give this new shopping center a try.

Jammie J. said...

Kids playing in fountains is always cute. :)

Don said...

I think we should contact the developer to officially name the fountain Sophie's Fountain. Great story!

SOL's view said...

Good on Sophie! :)