Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sahara closes

Cold rainy weather all week here in Vegas, only supposed to hit 20c (68f) tomorrow, and rain! Colder than predicted for Portland. Oh well, next week should be back to where I like, in the low 30’s (85f or so) and more sunshine. A lot better than putting up with those white lawns people have in other places in the wintertime.

Yesterday the Sahara resort closed, after 58 years of serving the public. Lots of local press, from tv shows to news to several articles in our local papers including an RJ article. The Sahara is way up on the north end of the Strip, close to the Stratosphere. There are empty lots across the street and next to it where other casinos have been torn down and not rebuilt, along with the steel skeletons of other modernization projects. It was too far away by itself to walk to from the bigger resorts and a little too old to attract younger crowds. It relied on tie ins to Nascar but that was not enough to keep things going all year. Perhaps it will be rebuilt and redesigned some day, the property is too valuable to become just another empty lot, but with the economy as it is that will probably be quite a few years away.

Caesar’s Palace announced that Rod Stewart will be rotating with Elton John and Celene at the Coliseum over the next two years. So if you like those guys and don’t mind dropping $150 or so to see them, check the schedules and select the appropriate week for your Vegas trip.

Supposed to be Dogs on Tuesday, so here’s a shot of Buster (in the diapers we were trying out) dancing with E and B. Well, he wasn’t really dancing he was just passing by.

He came along on our last road trip, though he doesn’t see well enough to look out the windows like he used to I guess it’s OK as long as we are there. He did sleep most of the way.


SOL's view said...

It's a shame when what was once popular begins to lose the gild and have to close. One of our local theatres did just that earlier this year. People tried protesting, but it sold to make way for office blocks anyway.

A movie theatre whose entrance was still mirrors, paintings, gilding and velvet curtains.

E and B are enjoying themselves. I like to catch photos of Buster too. :)

SOL's view said...

Lol. Joe, thanks for your comment. I remember your story about the vans with pole dancing girls in the back. :)

Virginia Gal said...

Poor Buster.

I have a question about the Sahara, did they have any sales on all the stuff inside? What are they going to do with it?

I remember going into the Sahara once for their buffet, it was sagging even then, but the pool area was so 1950's, it was cool.

JoeinVegas said...

All the stores had sales, and almost everything was gone. Guests took lots of things from the rooms (unpaid for of course) including the special Sahara keys, so they went to plain keys since the closure announcement. There will be an auction inside to sell off whatever people (or souvenir companies) want to take.