Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday video's - the 80s

Last week was warm, but we’re now back to winter here. It’s not getting down to freezing or close, but for us it’s cold. This morning when we got up it was 7c (45f) and highs around 13c (mid 50’s f). It rained last night, and showers are predicted for most of the week – but at the end we probably will end up with a weeklong total under 1cm (less than a half an inch). I remember a weather announcer a few weeks ago discussing the predicted “torrential downpour, with a half an inch of rain predicted”. Sorry, but the term torrential downpour indicates to me a lot of water falling from the sky, not a half inch total.

Celine Dion is back in Vegas, opening a new show at Caesar’s Palace back in the Colosseum Showroom constructed for her last run. Tickets range from $92 - $500 each, depending on what show and where in the 4,000 seat room that you sit. Her grand opening was last week, and reviews rated the show very highly. There are weeks when she is off, and other big names come in for a day, including Janet Jackson, Ricy Martin and Kylie Minogue. (wow, just looking at Kylie tickets, those run from $105 up to $772 each). If you’re coming to town you can see tickets here.

Form today’s videos we have some music from the 80’s. Can’t link to the Sting one I wanted, Dont stand so close to me with Sting dancing around, but here is the younger version with hair

How about the Talking Heads?

And of course we have to whip it


SOL's view said...

Ah 80s nostalgia. My fave Police song was Don't Stand So Close to Me. However, the stalker anthem will do just as nicely. :)

If anyone had asked, the only Talking Heads song I could remember was And She Was. But there are so many more I just never recognised as theirs.

ghulam said...

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Virginia Gal said...

yeah its been cold down here in AZ as well.

Amanda Page said...

Man! Whatta remembers! Police was a really good band! My fav song was every breath you take.

Froggy said...

Devo's uniform should be the national dress code... :-D

Rob said...

Police were great. Wish I'd seen them live.