Friday, November 19, 2010

Twin Falls

Last year we drove up to Portland to visit granddaughter. I have been getting more disillusioned with flying, coming to absolutely hate the way everyone is treated so negatively, as if we were all on the verge of becoming mad bombers. So if I can I will take the extra time and drive if possible. Living in Las Vegas almost everything is a significant drive anyway, but there is marvelous scenery along the way.

Portland is about 1,000 miles (1,600 km) which is a little too far to drive straight through without a good nighttime break. There are two main routes: one heading west into central California then driving north through the central valley into the middle of Oregon; the other driving north from Vegas up to Idaho, then turning west driving through northern Oregon. We’ve taken both routes, and enjoy the differences between the California central valley, which is mainly agriculture and trying to figure out what orchards or crops are growing alongside the road. The drive North takes us through the Nevada desert for most of the first day, then through the mountains of Idaho and eastern Oregon the second day.

On the last trip we spent the night in Twin Falls Idaho. It is a nice small agricultural town, and a lot different than Las Vegas. To the north of town is a river which has eroded a deep canyon, similar to the Grand Canyon near us but a bit smaller. It is still interesting to look at.

There is a nice bridge that takes the road over the canyon, and some good parking areas on either side so that you can stop and look. Some people jump off of the bridge and glide down to the bottom on parasails. If you look closely at the above photo you can see two of these people right in the middle of the shot.

Looking upstream (west) the slopes look a little bare, and more like what we see around our town.

Downstream (east) there are more trees and growth and it looks a lot greener.

Oh – can’t forget it’s Friday, and the reason we drove up there:


Don said...

Gotta remember the reason for the post! I drove through Twin Falls with my ex-wife in about 1974 (?). We went across the I-90 bridge and saw two sewer pipes dumping into the river. I remember joking that those were the falls. (Well, it was funny at the time!)

Virginia Gal said...

Yes air travel sucks now a days, though I still love that moment when the plane takes off, so amazing!

That ice cream cone looks delicious!

Will said...

I once fell twice. I seem to recall it had something to do with drinking and celebrating or getting lucky. Fortunately I didn't hurt myself.

The Blonde Duck said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

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Rob said...

Air travel has its place, but it's harder to get off and look at the scenery.