Monday, November 23, 2009

Monday videos - a little different

This is a good week, leading up to one of my favorite holidays, Thanksgiving. I’m more into it for the food, and the Macy’s parade (which is pretty lame compared to what it used to be, with the lip sync singers and fancy productions). Not much into football, more the four day weekend. Except this year, I picked up a short contract with a manufacturing company to support them during their busy season, which is Thanksgiving to Christmas, and they will be working the Friday and Saturday after, with six day workweeks and twelve hour shifts. Works fine for me, I’m on an hourly contract, but will be back to job search mode for the start of the new year.

Before we get into our Monday videos let me give you all a heads up. With Thanksgiving cooking coming up we always use a lot of onions in assorted recipes. Start saving the brown and white skins from onions and garlic, I’ll be posting an interesting use for them soon. I keep them in a plastic zip lock bag, but leave the top open so they keep dry or you'll get mold.

Yes, that is a white ceramic knife I use.

Still listening to that New Zealand radio station, Zed FM, and they play a few different songs than I hear on Vegas stations. Naturally they play a lot of Australian and New Zealand artists, as well as singers from the UK. One receiving a lot of airplay now is Lady Gaga, with a number of songs on rotation. This one is a little strange.

The morning crew DJ I get to hear really is fascinated with this one, go ahead, sing along

And sponsored by Unicef, a lot of videos out of Japan are strange to us Americans. To push Global Hand washing Day

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