Thursday, January 22, 2009


It’s been really nice weather here the past few weeks. The upcoming forecast shows temps up in the sixties for the next four days or so then back to our mid fifties highs, which is normal for January. Yesterday it was 70 out, and we enjoyed our walk outside. When I got up to come to work it was 48, which is also unusually high. Normally we are down around freezing at sunrise, but there was some cloud cover, which traps in our desert heat and can cause the nighttime higher temps. We usually don’t have many clouds, which means that we don’t get those overly red sunsets that I was used to seeing in California. But yesterday morning driving in to work there was the most marvelous red sky greeting me. Coming over 15 I face Wynn and Encore right ahead of me, this time of year the sunrise is right between the two big buildings.

The picture does not truly reflect how nice and red the clouds were, and five minutes later when I parked and started to walk away from my car the red was all gone.

Walking through our lower hall the other day I came across this view. When there is no activity the lights are set for ‘safety’, which means that only 5% of the lights are on. This leaves it rather dark. Our building maintenance department has their office out in the middle of the hall, in the lower level of one of the blockhouses. The lower hall is almost 400,000 square feet in size, with two blockhouses near the middle. These contain stairs up to large restrooms and emergency exits and then on up into the upper halls. When there is something to work on that is too large for their workroom they guys roll their tools out into the hall, set up some lights and go to work. At home all I can do is pull the car out of the garage and work there, it must really be nice to have this much space and be able to lay out anything you want to work on.

A big chip manufacturer had a show upstairs this week. Most of their meetings were in the fancy ballrooms and meeting rooms of the big hotel resort casino next door, but they used two of the big halls. One for sit down food service, and the other was set up with stadium seating facing a stage with two large screens, where they gave large presentations. It was set up rather nicely, with curtains subdividing the space. I was walking through there on Tuesday morning and found about a dozen people sitting and watching the inauguration on the big screens. It must be nice to have a private showroom like that.

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