Monday, October 06, 2008

Monday videos - 'old' music

Not much going on here today. The eye show closed yesterday and there are a lot of bumps and crashes coming from upstairs where they are tearing down and packing up. It was 500,000 square feet of eyeglass frames, lens polishing equipment, vision testing gear and whatever you might think of that would be used by the vision industry. It was bigger than last year, and quite a lot of people passed through. But no shows for the next two weeks, so it will be rather quiet.

I spend yesterday finishing up installing the crown molding around our family room. This final phase was over in the section that was added on to the house and not original, and for some reason the ceiling is not level. It slopes in two directions, while the walls are vertical, which means I had to play around cutting every corner because of the funny angles. I have no idea why it was put up that way, there is a gap above the ceiling below the roof, so the beams do not follow the sloping roof line, or rather they should not have. That provided for a fun day, with lots of frustration and chips on the ground from hand carving the corner angles to produce the smallest gap I could. I did the big pieces, now B will follow up and caulk and paint it all and finish making it pretty.

Just thinking of old music, so here are some songs I remember from a long time ago. Back before music videos, so nothing fancy to look at here. Since it’s starting to cool down we can go back to having a hot time, Summer in the City

Yes, I had hair like that, couldn’t do the sideburns though. We also had a lot of British groups come through, including of course the Beatles, but the Seekers had a few hits. This one came along with a Lynn Redgrave movie.

And Oliver, of the one name group, also one I remember

OK, we can do four. Talking about Paul McCarney and his first wife Linda, after seeing Graham Norton keep making fun of his last wife. Here are the two of them, with Michael Jackson dancing along. (1984, so long ago?)

Oh - over to the right - I put up something new. After bouncing around from comment to comment I came across that little widget called the Black Box. It asks you some questions and then lands you on a random blog after matching up the answers (supposedly). Go visit some new places.

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