Monday, February 26, 2007

Warmer weather

Wow, looking at the weather in the Midwest from here. I used to live in Rochester, upstate New York, and had to put up with the cold and snow. Now I complain when it doesn’t get over 60 in the afternoon.

But we had a few weeks of cold weather back at the beginning of February, with nighttime lows down around 19f. But for the past few weeks it’s been warmer, with the lows around 40f. Out here the difference between nighttime lows and afternoon highs is usually 30f to 35f. So a low of 19 gave us afternoon temps in the high 50’s, and yesterday’s low of 39 still gave us close to 70f during the day.

With the cold, and then the return to warmer weather our trees and bushes feel that it’s spring, and have started to bloom. I hope it doesn’t freeze again or we’ll lose lots of flowers. But for now our peach and plum trees have started to bloom. No leaves yet, but hopefully we’ll end up with a big pink ball out back, like it was the first year we moved in.

E also noticed the different colors.

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