Thursday, January 04, 2007

E Friday - Christmas Day

Back to E Friday, this time with pictures from Christmas Day.

She had fun – doesn’t understand the concept or anything, but liked the presents. And she learned how to open them. But after the first she just wanted to play with that one and not be distracted with another. I know next year it will be ‘is that all there is?’ but for now it was more than enough.

This was the look of the day – surprised at what was going on.

But she enjoyed a drum and music set Grandma got her. I don’t understand it – the loud toys were supposed to go to her house, not ours.

She does seem to work the sticks well

Another item was this toy where you pound the balls down.

Doesn’t have that concept in place, but she likes playing with the balls.

She also got some picture books, and likes to have Grammy read to her and point out things in the pictures. And she knows how to work that tongue.

She really likes to color. Guess we got her started when we go out to restaurants – most have a small pack of crayons and a page to color. So we got her a bigger book and a big set of crayons – the fat ones that don’t break easily, and are washable.

She doesn’t share them – as you can see she tried to stuff the whole pack into every pocket and belt loop that she had.

And when toys were done it was back to Beef-A-Roni. That and cheese ravioli are the current favorites.

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