Monday, April 17, 2006

Monday Cheerios

OK, another Monday. One of these seems to be happening every week at about this time, don’t know why. It was a fairly uneventful weekend. We worked around the yard on Saturday, planting some new oleander bushes along the wall and another tree up front. Need to start on that front patio before it gets too hot. Sunday was Easter, we didn’t do much, all the kids are too big (except for me) and Eli is too small. Well, mom didn’t think so, she got some plastic eggs and filled them with treats and tried to get E to look for them. Sorry, not much a kid that size can do. She’s eleven months now, big birthday planned for next month.

Since we both have flat houses out here E hasn’t had the opportunity to learn about steps. We did get a nice little slide that she is practicing on:

It’s got sides to hold onto, and she is learning how to pick her foot up and step up. Hasn’t figured out the slide part yet.

We grilled up some salmon, L is an ‘almost’ vegetarian, but eats fish and some chicken. Came out pretty good, but E isn’t up to that level yet, she still likes her Cheerios.

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