Thursday, March 02, 2006

Another too early morning

OK, for DM I’m trying to get at least one post a day up. Some days here at work it’s just tooooo busy, but I should be able to pull at least five minutes. On weekends it seems there is much to do around the house, and I don’t usually even turn on the computer much any more.

Here’s my office at home. I took this pic several weeks ago, and it looked so messy I thought I would wait to take a cleaner picture, but no, it still looks about the same.

Our house was built thirty years ago, as a three bedroom three bath (well, one full, one with shower and a half bath). Seems like a lot of bathrooms for three bedrooms. Around 1990 the then owners added on, increasing the size by about 40%. This just expanded the master bedroom, the family room, and added a fourth bedroom (no, no extra bathrooms). Those guys seem enamored with oak. The family room was filled with built in oak cabinets and shelving units. The new bedroom has a wall filled with more oak cabinets and shelves. You can see them in the picture. We use it as an office space, with both of our computers. We also have a couch in there, which expands into a bed, so we can use it as a guest room.

The picture hanging over my computer is a water color of one of my favorite photos.

That's my wife B sitting on the deck of the Beynack Hotel writing postcards. We were there in May of 2002. It's about my favorite place ever. We were the only ones in the hotel for the first night. Not too big a place anyway, but they had a great restaurant inside. My first foi gras (pan fried, on toasted walnut bread with brown gravy - YUUMMMM) and duck confit. I'd eat there every day if I could. Nice little town on the river with a castle on the cliffs overhead.

Our friend Jane created the painting from my picture.

Back to the office. That's B's computer over to the left. Yes, I have two monitors hooked up to my computer. A new employee at a company I worked at a few years ago wanted a multiple monitor setup as part of his coming over, and management agreed. Once I saw how nice it was to have all of that window space I was hooked. It just takes a special dual head display card and two monitors. Makes it much easier when programming – I can run something on the main screen, and look at the code on the other, as well as have half a dozen other windows open at the same time and flip between them.

Back in at 4:30am again today. New software release last night, but this one is my program. So I’m here in case anything goes wonkers. But it’s 6:47 and no problems. At least with my program. Other stuff is going bad, as usual, and since I’m here Mike the night shift guy keeps calling me. He also calls me at home. As he did last night at 11:30 when I was trying to sleep before getting up at 3 to come in here. Well, really 3:15 on the alarm clock but it’s close enough. Rambling now, guess the 11:30 call did break me up enough. Hope the boss doesn’t expect too much of me today. But he might let me leave early, maybe as early as 4. We’ll see later. But for now I’m reading blogs and typing stuff up.

While reading my normal path Clare pointed to a new place I haven’t been before, it’s Choogles place. Well, that’s one of the names her father gave her, so I picked that one. Sounds like she is enjoying computer challenges and twin girls. She also sounds like a Brit relocated to California. See, Clare, you can come to warm country if you really really want to.

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