Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday fuzzy wanderings

Sitting here at work just after lunch feeling a bit woozy. I’ve had a beautiful head cold all week, left early Tuesday, out Wednesday, left early again yesterday and feel like leaving now. Most of the stuffy coughing part is done, but still feeling really dizzy. Nothing great going on at home, but I just sit on a soft chair on the patio and enjoy the heat, dozing off.

Only supposed to hit 96 today, up to the 100’s by Monday. It feels like summer, even though my calendar says June 21 – Summer Begins. It comes from spending too much time back in Rochester, New York. The clouds parted around May, and mosquitoes soon followed. Getting really sticky the end of June. We hit 100 three weeks ago, then cooled off. I’ve got a stack of flower photos from my yard, hopefully I will feel in the Photoshop mood soon and post them.

Reading the paper just now, we have two papers in Vegas. The morning one is really Republican and the afternoon one just the opposite. We dropped the morning one along with the Wall Street Journal in November, when they were gloating too much over the ‘mandate’ (come on, 52% is a mandate?) pushing our glorious president back upon us for four more years. But my mother missed reading the paper too much, so I fell into it and subscribed again. I try to skip the first section and just hit the local news and the comics. But I just read the editorial section of our afternoon Sun – really several editorials bashing Bush. Strange how so many people say the same things but he still was reelected, along with stacking the congress and soon the courts.

Makes me want to leave the country again. I had dreams of moving to France – love the food – but it seems politics is just as bad over there. Maybe as a foreigner I would be able to skip politics, but the strikes would hit just as hard. Last time we visited there was a communications workers strike. Following Rick Steve’s advice we were living off of our bank’s teller cash card, with periodic cash withdrawals. But with a communications strike the automated bank machines were not working – so no cash! Hard to put a coin in the subway slot without coins. (OK, you buy tickets, but almost the same thing) We finally had to hit an office that would give us cash off one of our charge cards, but what a $$$$ fee hit!

I thought about New Zealand, subscribed to some NZ newspapers, got lots of info, but ended up feeling it was too small. (OK, if you are from NZ don’t throw bricks at me, it’s a pretty place). And their politics with the native New Zealanders and islanders seemed worse than our ‘native American’ battles. And it would be my language, well, almost, at least I could understand them easier than the French! So I would understand the politics. Then, bife brought up Portugal – never thought of there. Might be interesting. After all, Ana seems to like it there.

We took the easier course, and skipped California for Nevada. Not as far away, but a lot different. We still ended up being a ‘Red’ state, with no help from me. I’m ready to put one of those ‘thousands of soldiers dead in Iraq’ growing number signs on my front lawn, but my wife would not put up with it. Maybe I’ll figure out how to put it up here – at least you guys could ignore me and not be able to throw rocks through my windows.

So much for Friday ramblings.

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