Monday, October 25, 2004

Just Vegas

Thought I'd put up a few photos, in between what seems to becoming a word blog instead of a photo blog. Guess I'll have to take the camera out for a weekend photo shoot to build up some more.
But, here's the strip from the southwest

From here it doesn't look as fancy as it does from right on the strip. To the right is the Mandalay Bay, the pyramid, the New York skyscrapers, and the back of the Bellagio.
And how about my favorite place - I am a homeowner, who likes to do things around the house. So I probably should do a direct deposit into their account.

Though Las Vegas has the nickname of 'sin city', it became a family town a number of years ago. But some of the nudity is starting to come back to the big hotels. Very few of them have topless shows, and none with nudity any more. There are some rumors of a return.
But the prudes did have some say a while back. Prostitution is legal in all of Nevada, except for counties with a population over 100,000. Out of more than 20 counties, of course only one has the population cutoff - yes, Clark County, where Las Vegas is located. You have to drive out to Pahrump to get to the nearest legal brothel. Unless you call an 'escort' service. Our yellow pages have over a hundred pages of escort services and visit-your-hotel 'dancers'. We do have a few topless bars, and even a few that offer live nude girls. Due to zoning, all of them are clustered along Industrial Boulevard, which runs along 15 just a short cab ride from the strip.
Foxy Girls is one of the older ones.

Guess I could do a whole series on these places. The newer ones look like palaces, the older ones like biker bars.
Something else that is very prevalent in Las Vegas - pawn brokers and loan places.

Where, if you are short of money and have a job, you can write a check for $135, which the place will cash in two weeks, and give you $100 in return. Not interest, but a check cashing fee. No laws against that.
And a week ahead of the election, one just for me that I thought looked cute -

And some one emailed me this short flic, but I couldn't figure out how to remove it from the email. Found it on a site a friend pointed to. When you are having
one of those days and feel like everyone wants to just slap you upside the head.

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