Tuesday, July 06, 2004

More summer

We had a nice fourth weekend – bbq in the yard, and some time in the pool. It was a cool weekend this year – only got up to 104 on Sunday, but hit 108 on Tuesday. I’ve got some pool pics to dig out – will post soon.
Here are some local plants though –

We planted a row of these purple grasses along the front of the house last winter, and they seem to like it here. Nice color along with the bricks, they are supposed to get big, we might have to dig out the end ones to get around the house.
Here’s a tree that grows well in this area

I think it’s a type of mimosa. Looks pretty with the fairy pink blooms, which are on most of the summer. Most desert plants have small leaves, too much sunlight for large leaves to handle, and not as much evaporation.
There’s a pomegranate tree left over in front from the last landscaping.

We left it in, and it seems to be doing quite well. It’s set fruit, which the birds love to break into and eat when it gets ripe.
Here’s a house down the street that converted to low water from grass, not quite like ours

I don’t know what people see in all of those rocks, but they are popular around here. Yes, it's in progress - I'll take more shots when it's done.
The big house down across from the park just has a sold sign posted – it’s been on the market for about seven months now, real estate has been flying here in LV, but I think this one is out for a different group. It was listed at 1.6 (million) which is rather high for our neighborhood. Great grounds, large nice pool, large poolhouse with two apartment units. I didn’t like the layout of the house – the bathrooms were kind of strange. Two pairs of bedrooms each share a bath, called a ‘jack and jill’ bath arrangement? At that price each bedroom should have had its own bathroom. But different people like different things.

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