Thursday, April 22, 2004

Windy Day

Not much going on here today – it’s another windy day. I should have added that to my Vegas Specialties yesterday, but couldn’t figure out how to take a picture of the wind (shots of flags fluttering, birds blown off course, papers swirling in a corner). We knew it would be warm here compared to San Diego, but were not aware of how windy it was. Today the wind is around 30mph, gusting to 50. This is not unusual here, but very different from SD. Not as windy as the tornados in the Midwest, but more frequent.
A big local problem here is rat infestations. An area called the Scotch 80’s is inundated. That’s a section I wrote about before, pretty nice area but too close to the freeway. San Diego, with it’s nice weather and abundance of fruit, always has roof rats around. My neighbor’s orange tree was always filled with strange fruit, oranges with nice round holes in the side and no filling, just a round peel. But our desert landscaping here should keep them away.
Not many pictures today – but in our yard the olives are in bloom

lots of pollen, lots of allergies. The blooms are dropping off, and it looks like snow on the ground underneath. My mother asked what wood I was cutting in the yard - the accumulation of brown/off white flowers on the front courtyard looked like sawdust to her.
And at the side of the yard our neighbor’s pyrocantha

is covered with flowers – on to having a load of red berries in the fall.
Images of Spring.
For something completely different – I thought the photos here were interesting, shots of this year’s Chinese Ice Festival. Not something I’d ever go to.
I’m a fan of many things British – some links to the right. Bouncing to some sites this morning I came across a list of favorite British sitcoms. They all have short clips – nice to see shows I used to watch on PBS and enjoy.

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